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Cite Sources

Cite Sources

AMA - Other Sources

To cite e-mails, list them parenthetically in-text:

The web site's navigation posed significant usability

          problems for study participants (A. B. Jones

          [], e-mail, June 28, 2013).

Follow a similar format for other personal communications (e.g. interviews):

According to study participant A. B. Jones (written

        communication, June 2013)...

According to study participant A .B. Jones (oral

         communication, June 2013)...

To cite a YouTube video:

Author AA (or if unknown, video title). Video title

         (if not already named) [Video]. Publication date.

         Access date.

How to Perform the Heimlich Maneuver (Abdominal

          Thrusts) [Video]. YouTube. Available at: http://


           Published May 27, 2009. Accessed July 9, 2013.