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Library Policies


To print in the library, log into a computer in the building. Bring up the document you want to print and select print from the program menu (Shortcut: Ctrl + P). Be sure to check the print preview, as you will be charged for blank pages.

Click print when ready. A window will pop up, asking you to input an optional password to protect your print job from being printed by someone else. Leave it blank to print without a password.

From here, head to any of the print release stations in the building (we have four, shown in the map). Swipe your UAFS ID card or tap your phone with Mobile ID at the station to bring up the list of available documents. Find yours in the list and click print.

Please remember:

  • Prints cost 10¢ per sheet (15¢ if double sided, 50¢ if in color). 
  • Students automatically get $10 for printing on their ID at the start of each semester.
  • Color printing is only available in the 24 hour zone. You must select printer LI11191 in the printing options to print in color.
  • Click Log Off when finished at the print station so others can’t print with your money.

If you are a public patron wanting to print or have lost your UAFS ID, please ask the staff at the front desk about acquiring a guest card.

The printing system does not allow for printing from phones or laptops. To print, you must use one of the computers in the library.


The library has a copy machine on the first floor. Copying is 10¢ per sheet, 15¢ if double sided, and you'll need your UAFS ID card or a guest card to copy. Color photocopying is not available in the library.

For assistance using the machines or if you need a guest card, please ask at the Circulation Desk.


The library has four flatbed scanners available.  Two scanners are located in the computer area on the 1st floor of the library, and two scanners are set up in the 24 hour computer lab.

The copy machine is also equipped with a scanner and is located on the first floor. You can use the copy machine to scan up to 10 pages at a time and send them to yourself via email or save to a flash drive. You do not need a UAFS ID card to scan.

There is a Knowledge Imaging Center (KIC) scanner that is great for scanning parts of books. It is in the main lobby and uses a large format scanner that goes to the edge and a touch screen interface. Unlike the copy machines, scans aren't limited to 10 pages and it does not require an ID. This scanner only saves digital files which can be saved to a flash drive or sent to your email; no print outs.

If you need help with scanning, please ask the library staff.

Payment Options

Students have $10 loaded onto their UAFS ID card each semester for printing.

To add more funds:

  • Visit the Lions Cash website
  • Go to the Cashier's Office in the Smith-Pendergraft Campus Center Room 222
  • Deposit money (cash, credit, or debit) using the Lions Cash machine in the 24-Hour Zone.  

Public Guests: please visit the library's Circulation desk for assistance in obtaining a guest card.

Microfiche Reader & Printer

Microfilm and microfiche, along with microfiche/microfilm readers, are located in the Pebley Center on the 1st floor of the library.  Documents may be printed from these readers or scanned to a digital file.

Please ask for assistance operating the microfiche/microfilm reader if you're unsure how to use it.