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Library Collections

We offer a variety of equipment at the desk. Bring your ID to check out all equipment except headphones (those are freely available).

All calculators check out for 6 hours.

Model Quantity
Standard (non-graphing) 6
BA II Plus 2
TI-81 2
TI-83 Plus 1
TI-84 Plus 3
TI-89 1
TI-nspire CX 2


Model Quantity Checkout Period Notes
HD Camcorder 2 1 day  
Webcam 4 3 days For Examity


Item Quantity Checkout Period Notes
Charging Cable 3 6 hours (Library Use Only)  
DVD Drive 1 1 week  
HDMI Cable 1 6 hours (Library Use Only)  
Headphone Many Yours to keep No ID required
Logitech Microphone 1 6 hours (Library Use Only)  
Presentation Remote 2 6 hours (Library Use Only)  
Remote Control 2 6 hours (Library Use Only) For use in study rooms 124/222
SD Card Reader 2 6 hours  
UAFS Card Scanner 4 2 days For use with NumaLink events
Voice Recorder 1 6 hours (Library Use Only)  



Item Quantity Checkout Period Notes
Colored Pencils 1 Box 6 hours  
Dry Erase Packets 11 6 hours Includes 1 marker and eraser
Google Cardboard 2 1 week  
Lectern 1 2 days For presentations