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Book a Study Room: Home

Book-It! Room Reservation

Boreham Library study rooms require a reservation. Remember that study rooms are for group study (groups of 2 or more) or for individual students taking exams using SmarterProctoring. You can book a room up 2 hours at a time. Please show up within 15 minutes of your reservation start time or you will lose your reservation.

Notice: Due to the pandemic, only 1 person is allowed in a study room at a time. When you enter and leave the study room, please wipe down surfaces with the supplies there.

How to Book a Study Room: Video Tutorial

How to Book a Study Room: Written Tutorial

Go to the Library's website ( and click on "Reserve a Study Room."

Step One

Find an available room and click on the time you would like your booking to start.  Use the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page to choose your end time.  You may book the room for up to 2 hours.  Then select "Submit Times."

Step Two

Read the Terms & Conditions and click "Continue."

Step Three

Fill out the form.  Be sure to give your study group a descriptive name!  This allows your fellow group members to find the room under "View Confirmed Bookings" on the Book-It! home page.  Click "Submit my Booking" when you are done.

Step Three

You will receive a confirmation email.  You may have to check your spam folder.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, then your reservation was not submitted. 

Please cancel your booking if you no longer need the room or if you decide to leave early.  To cancel, click on the link provided in the email.

Step Four