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Library Policies

Mission Statement

The Boreham Library provides an inclusive environment in which experienced professionals offer individualized opportunities to explore, learn, create and connect. As an essential partner with the campus and the community, Boreham Library supports the mission and goals of the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith. In fulfilling our role of preparing students to become lifelong learners in a global workforce, we maintain the highest standards of service.


  • People – including students, faculty and staff as well as the UAFS user community
  • Resources
  • Excellent service
  • Collaboration


Boreham Library will be recognized for excellence in library services to the UAFS user community.

In working with the Mission, Values, and Vision of Boreham Library we commit ourselves to three areas of excellent.

Goal 1: Outreach & Services

Develop strategies to better promote our collections, services, and events to the UAFS user community.


  • Establish an Outreach and Services Committee - Accomplished in 2017
  • Examine our existing outreach services - Accomplished in 2017
  • Initiate activities and identify opportunities that the library will participate in across the UAFS user community.
  • Create campus connections
  • Develop a budget
  • Assess activities and measure outcomes
  • Develop programs that make the library a center for intellectual discussion
  • Examine current instructional activities - Moved to Collection Development in 2018
  • Design and enrich use of library space and visual identity

Goal 2: Collections

Develop and enhance the library’s collections to support existing programs and plan for future programs.


  • Examine the collection (usage, age, format, gaps in coverage) - Accomplished in 2017-2018
  • Align budget - Ongoing
  • Update collection development policy (with an eye toward changing needs, especially address needs in regards to changing formats)
  • Create campus connections
  • Expand and promote the unique and valuable collections available in the Pebley Center
  • Conduct an assessment 
  • Establish new revenue streams
  • Develop a liaison program

Goal 3: Library Technology

Design and enrich the user experience in order to deliver access to library resources, services, and expertise.


  • Redesign the library website - Accomplished in 2020
  • Refresh the library catalog - Accomplished in 2019
  • Refine our Discovery layer 
  • Establish a Blackboard presence - Accomplished in 2018
  • Create campus connections
  • Explore service technologies
  • Establish virtual chat reference - Accomplished in 2018
  • Conduct usability testing
  • Examine the use of analytics software for use on the library’s website, catalog, Discovery layer, and Blackboard
  • Develop a social media strategy
  • Create policies, procedures and standards regarding our virtual presence
  • Develop a budget for the purchase of new and/or emerging technologies