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Music History 3513: Research Process

Music History 3513 Research Process

Use these suggestions and TABS in this Music History 3513 guide to find sources for your research.     

  • Use Garland Encyclopedia of World Music and other background sources to get overviews and other resource recommendations.  
  • Use DISCOVER (NUMA search) and Proquest databases to find sources from books and journals. If you choose, use the LIMIT feature in NUMA Search to restrict your search only to articles, to books, or to specific types of materials.
  • Get tips on using keywords and effective search techniques from the "Research Tips" box on this page.
  • Search World Cat to find books on your topic.  Use the link for "Request on Interlibrary Loan" to borrow books.
  • Search for journal articles in databases (Use the "Articles" tab).  Oxford Music Online,  JSTOR, Music Index, and Proquest Central  are important databases.  Use Google Scholar to locate more sources.
  • Explore useful web resources from recommended websites (Use the "Web Resources" tab.)
  • Find recordings, scores, and videos using the Tab for this section.   Academic Video is an important source for videos.
  • Listen to CDs that accompany the Garland Encyclopedia of World Music.  These are located at the library Circulation Desk.
  • Cite sources (Use tab for "Writing & Citing") or use a citation manager such as ZOTERO. 
  • Get tipcs andhelp on preparing your powerpoint presentation from the "Presentation Tips and Resources" tab.
  • Ask a Librarian for help at any stage of the Research Process.

Lady Playing the Tanpura

               Artist: Rajasthan, Kishangarh 


 "A nayika, an Indian personification of female beauty in courtly costume, plucks the string of her tanpura (a drone instrument of the lute family, frequently played by women) with henna-dyed fingertips."     Public Domain Art Work  Image here