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Music History 3513: Books

Search Examples

SUBJECT SEARCHES (Library Of Congress) - usually a more precise method of searching than using keywords

  • By Genre:       
    • Chants
    • Drumming
    • Reggae
    • Traditional and folk
  • By Time Period, era, culture, or geographic location
    •  Music - India - 18th Century
    • Music - South America
    • Musicians - Africa
  • By Topic or form:  
    • Ethnomusicology
    • Folk Music [by continent, region, country, culture or language]   
    • Folk Songs 
    • Music Africa - History and Criticism 
    • Music - Bio-bibliography - Encyclopedias 
    • Musical Instruments - History
    • Songs - (specific continent,  region, country, culture)     World Music


KEYWORD SEARCHES   - usually  more comprehensive than Subject Searches but also likely to retrieve a lot of nonrelevant documents

  • chime bells and China
  • gamelan and Bali
  • guitar and Argentina
  • Hebrew songs
  • (maqam or makam) and Middle East and music 
  • musical instruments and Oceania
  • traditional music and Africa

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