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THEA 4213/4223 - Theatre: History: Books

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Search Tip:

The word Theatre is also spelled TheaterTheater is the spelling used by the Library of Congress Subject Headings.  When searching by subject, use this spelling.  If searching by title, the spelling may be either variation.  Watch for variant spellings.   Another search option is to use truncation.  Use the first part of the word followed by an asterisk:            Theat*       This would retrieve theater, theatre, theatrical, and related variant spellings.

Keyword searches are those in which you use your own search terms.  They are generally more comprehensive than Subject Searches.

  • American dramatists
  • Shakespeare and themes
  • greek tragedies
  • morality plays
  • women and drama criticism


Subject Searches  are based on Library of Congress Subject Headings.  They are usually more precise than keyword searches.

  • Classical Drama  
  • Drama--History and Criticism
  • Drama, Medieval                                                                 
  • European Drama --Renaissance                                              
  • Musical Theater   
  • Shakespeare, William - Dramatic Production
  • Stage Lighting - Handbooks, Manuals, etc.
  • Theatre
  • Theatre and Society
  • Theater - Great Britain
  • Theatre - History and Criticism
  • Theatre
  • Shakespeare, William -- Dramatic Production
  • Stage Lighting -- Handbooks, Manuals, etc.
  • Theater       
  • Theater and society    
  • Theater -- Great Britain                                       
  • Theater -- History and Criticism   
  • Theatre -- History --16th Century
  • Theatre -- History --Medieval
  • Theatre --Stage Setting and Scenery
  • Theatrical Costume
  • Theatrical Makeup                                                                           

 The Library of Congress Subject Headings used in library catalogs and the descriptors found in abstracts of articles from databases may give you more ideas for other keyword searches.   When you find a relevant subject heading or descriptor, you can click directly on the link to find similar articles and book titles. 

The Catalog indexes a number of video/dvd recordings of Shakespeare's plays.  When searching use the LIMIT by Material to Video or DVD in order to retrieve media.  Media is shelved at the Circulation Desk of the library.

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World Catalog

The World Catalog is a huge database representing holdings of libraries across the United States and some foreign countries.  Many of these holdings, especially books, are available for loan through Interlibrary Loan at no charge. 

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Using Interlibrary Loan

Set up an Interlibrary Loan account to get loans of books and order articles that are not available in the library.