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THEA 4213/4223 - Theatre: History: Plays and Monologues



Cut out of figure of "Everyman" from frontispiece to first edition of play c1500

                           Image in the Public Domain

Dramatic Monologues

To find monologues, do a subject search in the Boreham Library Online Catalog or the World Catalog.  Use subject headings such as the following:



Some of the titles available in the Boreham Library include the following:

60 Seconds to Shine:  221 One-Minute Monologues for Men  808.8245 Si99v1

60 Seconds to Shine:  221 One-Minute Monologoues for Women 808.8245 Si99v2

Ultimate Scene and Monologue Book: An actor's guide to over 1,000 monologues  808.8245 H764us


Finding Plays (Print Sources)

Search Tip:

Search the Boreham Library Online catalog using the following subject searches:

  • Drama --Indexes
  • Drama --Collections


These are examples of some print titles in the Library.

 Best American Plays 812.008 B464   2nd floor

 Best Short Plays  808.92 B464b  (annual editions)   2nd floor

 Ottemiller's Index to Plays in Collections  Ref 808.2016 Ot2i

 Play Index 809.203  P6985i 1st floor