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THEA 4213/4223 - Theatre: History: Databases (Journal Articles)

Journals for Theater History and Performing Arts

Databases expertly index a wide range of scholarly journals and other publications and feature a variety of search options,  such as limit by date of publication, full text, and peer reviewed journals.    

Databases provide full text of many articles in PDF or HTML format.   If no full text option is shown, click on the links under the article citation to Search for Full Text.  If there is no full text, place an Interlibrary Loan order. 

ILLIAD Interlibrary Loan is a service that provides electronic delivery of articles and loans of books.  The average time for delivery of interlibrary loan articles is 3-5 days, and there is no charge for this service.  Set up an Interlibrary Loan account.  Don't pay for articles from internet websites without first trying to get the item through Interlibrary Loan.   Click the BACK arrow to return to guide.

Journal Locator provides a list of titles indexed for a subject area and indicates the database in which the title is indexed full text.  Check listings under the subject: Fine Arts and Music.

Examples of some journals for theatre history indexed in library databases are the following titles:

  • American Theatre                                      Asian Theatre Journal                           Back Stage
  • Carleton Drama Review                              Comparative Drama                             Early Theatre
  • Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England  Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film      Plays
  • Stage Directions                                        TDR:  Drama Review                           Theatre Forum
  • Theatre Symposium                                   Theatre Topics                                    Variety


What is a Journal?

Journals are scholarly publications used for research.  Articles appearing in journals are written by knowledgeable experts in a subject field.  Often the journals are also "peer reviewed."   If journals are also peer reviewed, articles that appear in the journal have been approved by a publication committee of subject experts.

Links below further discuss the importance of journals and illustrate some of the differences between journals and magazines.