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MGMT 2863/ Finding Company Information

Business Journals

The text below shows how you would search for the Wall Street Journal.  You could use this strategy to search within other specific publications. (Note: If you want to do a general library search, you would type your search term in the search bar.)

First, from the library's web page, type "Wall Street Journal" in the search bar.  See the image below. (You can right click on any of the images below and open them in a new tab to make reading easier.) 


The search results will look like this.  Scroll down to an entry for the actual Wall Street Journal, not a book published by the Journal. If you were looking at the actual entry, you would click on the View Online button.

Wall Street Journal entry in search results 


On the next screen, you'll have a couple of options:  You can type a search term in the "search within this publication" bar at the top.
Or you can scroll down and Choose an Issue to View.  Note that the current day's headline stories are shown.  You can search within that day or choose an alternate date to search.

Choose how to search, either within this publication or by date.  Today's headlines are shown, but you can change the date to another date.