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Fort Chaffee Refugees: Background Info

Encyclopedia of Arkansas Articles

"The mission of the Encyclopedia of Arkansas Project" (as stated on its Web site) "is to collect and disseminate information on all aspects of the state's history and culture and to provide a comprehensive reference work for historians, teachers, students and individuals for the purpose of promoting the study, understanding, and appreciation of Arkansas's heritage." The Encyclopedia is maintained and updated by staff from the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies.

Background Information

Before beginning your research, read the Executive Summary of both reports to learn more about the immigrant communities in Arkansas.

Pebley Center Collections

The Olive, Kathleen and Rosa Belle A. Pebley Historical And Cultural Center Collection was established in 2003 and focuses primarily on the early history of Fort Smith and the immediate surrounding counties. The collection, located in Room 137 of the Boreham Library, is non-circulating and may be used by the public as well as the University community.

Available collections:

  • SE Asia Relocation Collection Box 1 & 2
  • Dissertation of Perla M. Guerrero.  Dr. Guerrero is an Assistant Professor in the Department of American Studies and the first core faculty member in the U.S. Latina/o Studies Program at the University of Maryland.  She is also a native of the Fort Smith-area and graduate of Northside High School.
  • Dept. of the Army action report on the Indochinese Refugee Program
  • SE Asia Relocation Collection Artwork and Photographs
  • SE Asia Relocation Collection Mounted Displays
  • Vietnamese Interviews and Notes
  • Escape to America file
  • Fall of Siagon (VHS)
  • Task Force Resettlement Operation (Cuban refugees)
  • Photographs
  • Fort Chaffee Museum Collection

Local Resources

Fort Chaffee and Refugees

Relevant to Vietnamese, Laotian, Hmong, and Cuban refugees housed at Fort Chaffee.

Archival Collections

This is an incomplete list of archival collections concerning the history of refugees at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas.