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THEA 3523/4553 - Stage Makeup & Costume Design: Costume Designers

Costume Design and Stage Makeup

Famous Costume Designers

This is a list of some outstanding designers who are well known in in the field of costume design.  Biographical information on these persons can be located using databases listed under the ARTICLES or the BOOKS tab.


  • Bakst, Léon  
  • Barbier Groes
  • Benois, Alexandre
  • Bonnard, Pierre
  • Braque, Georges
  • Brooks, Romaine
  • Chagall, Marc
  • Cocteau, Jean
  • Courvoisier, Jules
  • Dali, Salvador
  • De Zamora
  • Delaunay, Sonia
  • Exter, Alexandra
  • Golavine, Alexandre
  • Goncharova, Natalia
  • Gris, Joan
  • Hoffman, Malvina Cornell
  • Jones, Robert Edmond
  • Larinov Mikhail
  • Lepape, Georges
  • Matisse Henry
  • Picasso, Pablo
  • Rodin, August
  • Roerich, Nicholas
  • Sert Jose-Maria
  • Schlemmer, Oskar                         


  • Beaton, Cecil
  • Bérard, Christian
  • Clavé, Antoni
  • Loquasto, Santo
  • Narros, Miguel



Gilbert and Sullivan


          A lithographic poster for one of the many American productions of H.M.S. Pinafore, mostly unlicensed (1879)

                                      Library of Congress - A.S. Seer's Print (Public Domain)