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Music History 3503: Books

General Information



Books are useful when you need a broad overview of a topic as well as more specific information on a subject. 

Search the Boreham Library Catalog to locate books.  Use the Call Number to find the book on the shelves. 

Nonfiction books are shelved on the 2nd floor of the library.  Books can be checked out for three weeks.

Catalogs also index musical scores and recordings and provide access to electronic Books.

Catalog Search Help

The catalog provides several types of search options for locating materials on your topic.



Subject Searches are based on Library of Congress Subject Headings.  They are usually more precise than keyword searches.

 By Composer (Works written about the composer)

  • Haydn      (For works composed by Haydn, use AUTHOR SEARCH).
  • Bach Johann Sebastian
  • Vivaldi


By genre

  • Symphonies
  • String Quartets
  • Gregorian Chants


By time period, era, or geographic location

  • Music - United States - 20th Century - History and Criticism


By topic or form

  • Composers - Biography
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Music - Bio-bibliography - Encyclopedias
  • Music - India - 18th Century
  • Music - Influence of 
  • Musical Instruments - History
  • Rhythm and Blues Music - History



Keyword Searches use your own search terms.  They are often more comprehensive than Subject Searches, but they can also retrieve a lot of nonrelevant documents.


  • baroque and music                                           
  • romanticism and music                        
  • ethnomusicology                  
  • chanson
  • music and africa
  • jazz or blues
  • chime bells  and China
  • musical theater


Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

World Catalog

The World Catalog is a huge database representing holdings of libraries across the United States and some foreign countries.  Many of these holdings, especially books, are available for loan through Interlibrary Loan.  Use the World Catalog to obtain a variety of sources not available at UAFS. 

Google Books

Google Book Search