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Read This!: Killers of the Flower Moon: Find Articles

What is a Scholarly/Peer-Reviewed Article?

Peer-reviewed journal articles have gone through a special review process (peer review, naturally). This means scholars of a discipline have read an article carefully and determined that it makes a worthwhile contribution and was researched correctly. This is why instructors prefer you to use peer-reviewed articles -- it guarantees that your sources are good ones.

Journal Locator

To find an article, search the Journal Locator for the journal title. Here's an example of where in the citation you'll find the title.

Citation: Shapiro, S. L., Carlson, L. E., Astin, J. A., & Freedman, B. (2006). Mechanisms of mindfulness. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 62, 373–386. 10.1002/jclp.20237 "Journal of Clinical Psychology" is highlighted.

If we don't have access, you can request the article through interlibrary loan.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search


Numa Search

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Articles, books, and other materials in one comprehensive search!

Core Databases

When your instructor asks you to use peer-reviewed articles, a database is where you'll find them.

With a text like Killers of the Flower Moon, dealing with events from real life, you'll want to think about different ways of finding articles -- what's called "interdisciplinary research." For example, you might find articles from a database dealing with history that would be useful.


Other Useful Databases