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HIST 3423 - New Republic: Find Books

Finding Books

Searching Tips

Boolean Logic
Organize your search. Use AND, OR, or NOT to group search terms for the online catalog and databases.

Types of Searches (Keyword, title, subject, etc.)

Keyword is like Google—it finds your search term anywhere. Exact Search finds words in order. Subject, Title, Author, etc. searches are more powerful because they search only in those parts of the database.

Subject Headings Use Subject Searches (either Exact or Browse) to find database-specific terms that demonstrate what the work is ABOUT.

Truncation Use the asterisk (*) to search using root words. For “teen*” you get “teens”; “teen”; “teenager”, etc.

Catalog Searches

Keyword searches use natural search terms and are generally more comprehensive than Subject Searches.


  • alien and sedition acts
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • whiskey rebellion


Subject Searches  are based on Library of Congress Subject Headings.  They are usually more precise than keyword searches.   Often subject headings are divided by subdivisions based on geography, time, format, or other category.


  • Constitution --U.S.
  • Jefferson, Thomas, President
  • United States --Civilization--19th Century
  • United States --History--1783-1815

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