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CS 4523: Cyber Crimes: Finding Books

Background Information

Find Books

Use our catalog to find books. Use the buttons on the bottom half of the screen to do a specific kind of search:

  • For a basic search matching some keywords, just do a Keyword search. (This is the default page you'll get to by clicking the link above.) You'll get more results this way, but they may be less relevant.
  • If you have a particular book or author in mind, do an Author or Title search.
  • If you want to find books on a particular subject, try a Subject search. This will lead you to a list of subject headings related to your topic. (Finding the correct subject heading to use may take a bit of trial and error -- a keyword search might yield some books of interest, and then you can click on the subject headings in those records to find further reading.)

Some examples of subject headings:

  • Computer crimes
  • Computer security
  • Computer networks


Ask a librarian for help if you're having trouble finding books on your topic.