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Nutrition: Research Process

Research Process Tutorial

Evidence Based Medicine in Databases

CINAHL COMPLETE (Ebsco): On the search page in the Limiters section, check the box for Evidence-Based Practice.  You can also limit after the search using "Limit To" in Refine Results.

Nursing & Allied Health Source (ProQuest): Under Advanced Search page, find the Search Options section and check the box for Evidence Based Health Care.

Medline or PubMed: Use available limit options such as Clinical Queries, Clinical Trials, Systematic Reviews, Case Reports, Meta- Analysis, or other types of studies.

Research Process

                              Research Process

 Although research is often described as a set of "steps," the actual research process usually doesn't fall into clear-cut stages.  

  • Define the topic and choose keywords to describe major concepts.  
  • Look for background information such as an overview from a specialized encyclopedia.  Follow up sources recommended in bibliographies or identify key terms, events, and persons..
  • Decide what type of sources the assignment requires: books (Boreham Catalog and World Catalog), journal articles (databases), or web resources.
  • Use research tools recommended in this guide to find sources.  
  • Make use of Google Scholar, Google Books, and other suggested web sites for more information.
  • Consider searching a multi search tool such as DISCOVER or Proquest Central.
  • Evaluate sources using criteria of  accuracy, authority, currency, completeness, and similar factors.
  • Use Zotero or other software to manage your search results.
  •  Cite your sources in an appropriate style such as APA.