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Trans-Atlantic Trade & African Diaspora: Home

A look into the trans-Atlantic trade as well as the African diaspora


The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade is a period of human history that took place roughly from the 1500s to the 1800s. Involving multiple nations across four continents that made up a majority of the Western Hemisphere, most of this timeframe even predates our country's somewhat brief history. Although this much is true, it has still nonetheless left a negative mark on America's rather tumultuous past that can be used to study and learn from as a culture. 


African Diaspora

  • Estimated number of African slaves transported during the Trans-Atlantic timeframe is said to be around 12.5 million
Statistic: Estimated number of African slaves who were taken from various regions* of Africa during the transatlantic slave trade in each century from 1501 to 1866 | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Triangular Trade Route

  • Africa → America
    • Captured slaves
  • America → Europe
    • Sugar, tobacco, and cotton
  • Europe → Africa
    • Textiles, rum, and manufactured goods