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SPAN 3063: Finding Articles

More Tools for your Research

Why "peer-reviewed"?

Peer-reviewed journal articles have gone through a special review process (peer review, naturally). This means scholars of a discipline have read an article carefully and determined that it makes a worthwhile contribution and was researched correctly. This is why instructors prefer you to use peer-reviewed articles -- it guarantees that your sources are good ones.

Go-to databases for SPAN 3063

MLA search for CervantesBe sure to get rid of the default English-language "limiter."

JSTOR limit by language

General and Multidisciplinary Databases

When your instructor asks you to use peer-reviewed articles, a database is where you'll find them. There are databases for any subject you can think of, and they'll usually let you limit your search (for example only to peer-reviewed articles, or to articles from the past five years).

The databases on this list are multidisciplinary -- they focus on research from all areas of knowledge.

Note -- you can limit both of these to Spanish-language articles.