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Successful Students

Tips for Successful Students

Top 10 Tips for Studying Successfully

1. Go to class.

2.  Add due dates for all assignments and tests to your calendar.

3.. Schedule your assignments and your reading, allowing ample time to get them done.

4.  Know when to ask for help. The Student Support Services tab at the left will give you info on services that may be available to you.  

5. Talk to your professors.

6. Take responsibility.

7. Find a study partner.  Share notes and strategies. Quiz each other on the material.

8. Find a quiet place to study on a regular basis. Minimize distractions.  Turn off or silence your phone.

9. Interact/engage with the content you need to learn:  make flashcards, recite out loud, rehearse the information, write a summary without looking at the material, make a concept map, etc. 

10. Identify your personal learning style and use it to your advantage. Click on the documents below from the Academic Success Center to help you identify your personal learning style.  For more help, contact the ASC at 479-788-7675.