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Databases 101

Hiring the Right Database for the Assignment

Prepare for Your Interview

Keep It Simple.

FIrst, you need to know how to approach a database and start an effective conversation.  

Rather than a long question, choose some simple key words related to your topic.

Original question:  How does stress impact college students?

Use key words and enter them in the search boxes. 



Direct the conversation.

Use these tools to keep the conversation on track.  You'll find them in the Search Options below your terms.

  • Select "Full Text" when you want the entire article, not just a summary.
  • Select "Peer Reviewed" when you want to participate in a scholarly conversation.
  • When you want articles with a specific date, use Published Date or Set a Date Range, if you have that option.



Follow Up.

If you like the database, you might want to make plans to meet again.

Ask your database candidate for their citation information.  You can usually find this in the tools on the right.

Remember to save the citation to your Google Drive, which you can also access in the tools on the right.

You can also save an article to your Google Drive to read later. 


Find your database using these steps:

  • Log in to your UAFS account
  • Select Boreham Library under Services for Students
  • Select Databases from the Navigation Menu.