Program Accreditation Services

Faculty Services pages cover the various services available for faculty.

About the Boreham Library offers general information about statistics and services.

Liaison Librarians assigned to specific subject areas serve as primary contacts for information on the library.

Journal Locator is useful for browsing publications by subject area to view journals available in paper, online, or microformat. For more details or customized reports, e-mail Jordan Ruud or call 479-788-7208.

Programs Search allows a search of the library catalog for books, e-books, audio-visual materials, and websites available in a particular subject area. For more details or customized reports, e-mail or call


Available on Request

The official total budget allocations for the entire Boreham Library may be requested from the Budget Office at 479-788-7037. The Boreham Library does not allocate specific budget amounts to programs or departments, in order to remain flexible during these times of rapid changes.

Materials purchased reports can be prepared for specific subject areas, primarily by the Fiscal Year (July to June), for subjects according to the Programs Search areas. Please specify if dollar totals are also required.

Lists of materials currently held may be prepared in several formats (printed report, Excel spreadsheet, Word document, etc.) or obtained online via the Programs Search.