Copying & Printing


Each floor of the Boreham Library has one copier. Copying is $.10 per page, and you'll need your ID card or a guest card to copy. If you need a guest card, ask for one at the desk.



Black/white printing costs $0.10 per page and requires a UAFS Lions ID card in order to retrieve printing jobs at the print release stations. For those without a Lions ID card, a print card may be purchased in the library. Print release stations are located on each floor.

Color printing costs $0.50 per page. Please use the color printing workstation in the 24-Hour Zone.


Printing from a laptop

Instructions for Windows are available here.


Microfiche Readers & Printers

A microfiche/microfilm reader is located in the Pebley Center on the first floor of the library. A microfiche/microfilm reader/printer is located on the second floor of the library at the information desk across from the periodicals. (Please ask for assistance operating the microfiche/microfilm reader if you're unsure how to use it.) Microfilm and microfiche are located in cabinets in the Pebley Center and near the nonfiction collection (second floor). Please check our online catalog for the exact location of microform items.