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Imaging: Research Process and Tutorials

Basic information for sonography.

Research Information

                              Research Process

 Although research if often described in terms of a set of "steps," the actual research process doesn't usually fall into clear-cut stages.  

  • Define the topic and choose keywords to describe it.  Identify concepts.  Write out the research question as a question.
  • Look for background information such as an overview from a specialized encyclopedia or an article in a journal.  Follow up sources recommended in bibliographies or references.
  • Depending on the assignment requirements, use the catalog (Boreham and World) to find books.
  • Find articles in databases recommended by this guide.
  • Search Google Scholar and other web sites recommended in this guide.
  • Evaluate sources from the web using evaluation links such as those from the National Library of Medicine.
  •  Cite your sources in the appropriate style such as APA.



Research Hints