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ACCT 3023 - Cost Accounting

*Image of German ledger from 1828 from Wikimedia Commons

Research Articles

A research--or scholarly/peer-reviewed--article is one that is highly reliable for your research or assignment because it has been checked over by experts in the field. Trade journal or magazine articles, on the other hand, provide informative articles that are not held to as high a standard as research articles. Both can be helpful for giving you information, but your professor will likely want you to use peer-reviewed sources, which can be found in through the Core Databases listed in the box to the right. So dig in!


Accounting Journals

Finding Articles

The Boreham Library provides access to hundreds of online publications on Accounting and Tax. You will look for research articles in either individual journals (which can be found in the Journal Locator) or by searching the databases, some of which are listed in the box below called Core Databases. Use Numa Search, listed in the box directly below, to find ebooks, some of the articles we have access to, and academic videos. Numa Search is a good place to start out, before diving into the Core Databases.

Numa Search

Numa Search


Articles, books, and other materials in one comprehensive search!

Core Databases

The following databases are best for reporting on business topics.